Urban Hiking, Hamilton Greenbelt and Hurst Hollow, Lakeway, Travis County, Texas

Another place I like in Lakeway is the Hamilton Greenbelt. You can do the greenbelt loop out to an overlook and back or at the overlook you can continue into Hurst Hollow. I chose the latter of course.


Not far along the trail you come to a small unnamed waterfall. One of Quinn’s favorite splashing areas.

Playing in the water

Okay it’s story time. Quincy is very…no overly…. protective of his family and especially me. Quinn is half Shih Tzu and half Jack Russell Terrier, two breeds that are not known to back down from trouble. Although Hamilton Greenbelt is not an off leash area many people just do what the hell they want. Well it almost cost a guy his dog. We arrived one Sunday morning very early; only one other car in the lot. We started up the trail and here comes a large dog off leash headed right towards me. When he was in close (Quinn was on his leash) Quincy jumped at it and took it down…. he had clenched his jaws right on the dogs neck. The guy comes running up and said “Dude control your dog”! Excuse me I said “I believe your dog is the one off leash and out of control!~”. I got Quinn off it and we went on. I believe 10 lb Quincy could have done some damage to a 50 lb dog had I let him.

Past the small waterfall already pictured comes the highlight of the first part of this hike the pool and falls called Sailmaster after the street that runs near it. Sailmaster is a lush green area. Beautiful!

Sailmaster is another of the travertine falls so common to this area.

The pool at Sailmaster Falls
Sailmaster Falls
Sailmaster Falls

After spending a few minutes in this cool, beautiful area, we moved on. Next we got to the Hurst Hollow overlook.

Hurst Hollow from the overlook.

Most people loop back to the parking lot from here but we moved on into the hollow.

moving down into Hurst Hollow
Hurst Hollow

Unfortunately this trail abruptly ends at some private property. The trail does a loop through the hollow and then it’s back the same way you came although you can take the other side of the main loop so that it isn’t exactly the same path back in, except about the last half mile.

So if you see me and Quinn on the trail and you have a dog with you, keep him close, Quinn will take him down if it threatens his Papa!

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