Gneiss Place, Inks Lake State Park-Burnet, Burnet County, Texas- Part 2-The Devil’s Waterhole

As previously Promised, the rest of Inks Lake………

One of the prettiest places to me in Central Texas is the Devil’s Waterhole at Inks Lake. Now it is a swimming hole which cruds it up when people are around but during the school months if you get there early all that is gone so you can get great pictures.

This is the geological area I spoke of in my previous post about this absolutely gorgeous park.

Valley Spring Creek enters Inks Lake

Valley Spring Creek enters the far end of Inks Lake. It enters through a rocky canyon known as the Devil’s Waterhole.

Down among the rocks
Looking across the waterfall

This feature is separate from the rest of the trails. To get there requires a drive through the cabins and campgrounds of the park to reach the trailhead. The first couple times here I didn’t do it because the ranger said the waterfall may or may not be flowing as it is very intermittent.

Valley Spring Creek Waterfall.

I went up to Inks Lake one week when we had had a lot of rain. I went to the Devil’s Waterhole and it turns out that Valley Spring Creek has a very nice waterfall.

The trail is easy at first but once past the big rock pictured above the trail gets rocky and climbs to the top of the canyon. From there it becomes a 2 mile nature trail which is a loop with a spur to the bird blind on the far side of the Devil’s Waterhole. The spur trail takes you across the waterfall and into the area where the good pictures are! Not much else to say so I just leave you with some photos of one of the prettiest places in central Texas.

lower falls.
Devil’s Waterhole during the dry season
The Devil’s Waterhole from the canyon rim

Love this Place……………………..

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