George H.W. Bush Library and Museum- College Station, Brazos County, Texas

Being a bit of an amateur presidential historian… well history in general……. this was on my radar. Over the 4th of July weekend in 2021 we made a weekend trip to see the library.

Now George Bush …. neither George Bush would go down in history as a great President, one whom I voted for or that I agreed with on much. But this is only about two hours away and he was an okay President so we went. The building is quite impressive.

George Bush Library and Museum entrance

The exhibits were quite good and well thought out. Starting with the history of his and Barbara’s parents the exhibits then took you through his childhood, military service to his building his oil company.

Bush’s presidential limo

The story then continued through his political career, congressman, failed senate bid, to CIA director and ambassador to China and the United Nations. Finally he ran for president, lost the primary and became Vice President under Ronald Reagan. Then there was the part about his Presidency, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the Gulf War.

There was also a small but well done section about Barbara and her work with literacy.

The last part was about Bush’s ongoing public service raising funds for the Tsunami and the victims of Hurricane Katrina with Bill Clinton.

Out back was gorgeous!

The pond and walking paths

After viewing the pond area we took a stroll back through the woods to the family cemetery.

The path to the Cemetery

In the cemetery were three graves, George, Barbara, and Robin. Robin was their daughter that they lost to leukemia at the age of 3.

George Bush grave

These horses are jumping pieces of the Berlin Wall.

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