Urban Hiking-Shoulda Just Climbed One of the Downtown Skyscrapers- Riverplace Nature Trail, Austin, Travis County Texas

I heard a lot about Riverplace as a hiking venue. Still do; for some reason people love it. I did it and I am done. For two reasons I say that. Number one, since humans are nasty animals there is now a fee to hike the trail. It was set at 10 dollars and 10 dollars more if you bring Fido.

This trail, although open to the public is owned by an HOA. Yep, nasty people ruined it by leaving trash and refusing to pick up after their animals or leaving the poop bags for members of the community to dispose of. So now public with a hiking fee. The trail out and back is about five miles so a pretty decent urban hike and has some of the best elevation gain in the county. number two, why didn’t I like it; There are said to be 2783 steps over the length of the trail, one way. So why not just go climb a skyscraper? Not much difference.


I caught wind of the new fees, so I went the day before it was initiated. The trail starts off gently along a boardwalk by the pond. It then winds into the woods and into a canyon.

Not far past the main trail junction, (sign pictured above) the steps start, and they go on and on. I tried to count them but after a few hundred you give it up. I don’t think there were quite two thousand or twenty- seven hundred or whatever, but there was definitely a shit pot full of them.

The first of the steps.

I will say though, that it was quite picturesque stream.

At the top there were also so pretty nice views. Made all the steps more worthwhile anyway.

yes it was a foggy day!

Glad I checked it out but it’s not worth ten dollars to go back.

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