Return to Lick Mountain Uwharrie National Forest- Yates Place, Troy NC

The fall before I moved to Texas I returned to Lick Mountain. With me on this trip was my hiking friend Nate. I had told him of the Uwharries but this was his first trip.

As before I struck out from Yates Place towards the junction of the Uwharrie National recreation Trail and the Dutchman’s Creek Trail. It was a cool cloudy day this time the complete opposite of my first trip up Lick Mountain.

The Uwharries are beautiful in the fall

“If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again”

Edward Hickson

And up and over Lick Mountain we went.

After conquering my demons we wentover Little Long Mountain through the Jumping Off Rock Trailhead to tackle King Mountain.

Little Long Mountain
Uwharries decked out for the fall

When we got to the top of King Mountain we brought out the altimeter. I stood on the biggest rock at the summit and the altimeter only read 1017 ft!. King Mountain is stated to be 1020 Ft.

 “If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” 

Frank A. Clark

Shortly after this trip Grandma wanted to move to Texas to be nearer the grandkids.

Beautiful country I am going to miss it.
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