Another CCC Park-Blanco State Park, Blanco, Blanco County Texas

This could be another urban hiking entry, but Blanco is so small it is not really urban but a country town. In 1933 residents of Blanco Texas sold the state 104 acres of land to build a park. The 177 men of Company 854 arrived and worked for eleven months creating the park. At 104 acres this is one of Texas’ smallest parks but there is a lot packed into it.

The CCC picnic pavilion

This is much like the linear parks in North Carolina in that the majority of the park extends just a few yards on each side of the river.

The Blanco River is very beautiful. I parked at the pavilion and started out on the Caswell Nature Trail one of only two trails in the park.

The Blanco River

I walked down the CCC built stairs to the first dam of the day

CCC Dam on the Blanco River

I am not sure exactly what the concrete box was for at the far end. It overflowed creating a waterfall. It may have been the wash pond that many of these parks have.

The easy Caswell Trail took me to the second dam built by the CCC downstream about a mile.

the second CCC dam downstream

Past the dam as the trail looped around to head back it dropped into the small canyon that this river has.

After returning to the parking area, I walked the road across the low water crossing to do the other trail, the Pumphouse Trail. Here I found the remains of the CCC pump house

Remains of the CCC Pumphouse

This trail led to a disappointing overlook as it was overgrown. But I found a lower trail along the river that led me to a third dam.

The third dam on the Blanco this one upstream

When I returned to the parking area, I decided to drive to the other picnic area I saw from across the river while on the Pump House Trail. I was glad I did. There were CCC built picnic tables and benches.

CCC picnic table
CCC Benches

I put off coming here because of its small size. I was heading for Guadalupe River this morning but found out most of the trails were closed so I ended up here. It was a surprising, nice visit and another park checked off the list.

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