People of the Pecos-Part 3- the People of Today, Del Rio, Val Verde County, Texas

On this trip we stayed in Del Rio Texas, a modern town of 36,000. It had most anything you needed and is a major international crossing from the United States to Mexico.

The area we travelled in on this trip is dominated by the Amistad International Reservoir. A joint American-Mexican project, Amistad Dam created this reservoir on the Rio Grande to bring much needed water to this arid region.

A national recreation area surrounds the reservoir, boating and fishing being the prime activities.

We visited a couple of the access areas of the lake, Governors Landing and Box Canyon.

Governors Landing Lake Amistad
Box Canyon
Lake Amistad near Box Canyon. The mountains in the distance are in Mexico

And of course security is tight in this part of the country as you pass through security checkpoints during your travels…… Del Rio is directly across the Rio Grande from Ciudad Acuna, Mexico. It is a major crossing point between the countries.

Border patrol checkpoint, Comstock Texas

This trip we got to see the evolution of the area, from prehistoric Indians and the art they left behind, to the wild west days of Judge Roy Bean, to the problems of water and immigration in today’s world. A very enjoyable trip.

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