Urban Hiking-Great Hills Neighborhood Park, Austin, Travis County, Texas

Great Hills is a large neighborhood Park in north Austin. But don’t come expecting views. Oh no. You are going to spend the day exploring three small canyons. The park gets its name from the neighborhood Great Hills which is built on the hills surrounding the canyons. The park has 4 main trailheads, Floral Park Rd, Sierra Oaks Blvd, Foxway Dr, and Colina Ln. The map is a bit deceptive as it looks like you will walk the ridges but it ain’t so.

When the traihead looks like this you feel it’s going to be a good day. It was.

Since the whole thing is just called The Great Hills Trail, I will call the individual trails by their trailhead names.

I started at the “Foxway” Trailhead as it was down a short road with a cul-de-sac and no homes instead of parking on the road. As you can see this trailhead was a bit scenic as a rock shelf almost surrounded it. And within the first 100 yards I was here…….

A shallow grotto that the trail passed over. I continued on the “Foxway” Trail and looked back into this small canyon below the Grotto.

At the trail crossing I took the “Floral Park” trail. It stayed along the canyon with several places to reach what would be the creek if it would ever rain here.

“Floral Park” Canyon

After I reached the Floral Park Trailhead it was turnaround time. I backtracked to the trail junction and headed up the “Sierra Oaks” Trail. This was the longest section. It was also the least scenic of the three. It seemed to be an old ranch road or possibly a utility right of way. At the end was a children’s play area.

I found the “Colina” Trail completely by accident. I was looking for the “Foxway” to head back to the car and saw the Colina on a signpost so thought why not! This was the best of the trails by far.

this creek actually had water…flowing water

Colina Creek was much like a stream back in the mountains in NC.

cliffs on the “Colina ” Trail

We need rain really badly. It is so hot and dry the trees are shedding green leaves

The trail is so dry it is cracking open. Not just a spot or two but the whole thing.

Time to head back to the car before the thermometer hits 100* again today.

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