Stone Mountain, Stone Mountain Georgia

Went to visit my brother in Atlanta in March 2022. Of course, I wanted to see Stone Mountain. Stone Mountain State Park is a pretty commercialized affair with a little village of shops and eating places. We got the all-day pass. There are several “for fee” things here so that was good.

Stone Mountain

We took the tram to the summit. Now me, I would have hiked to the top but no-one else in the group are hikers, so we rode. From the summit you can see back to the Atlanta skyline and the other direction we could actually see the peaks of the north Georgia mountains on this very clear day.

riding the tram past the carving
Kennesaw Mountain

We then went to the 4D movie theater and watched a trailer for the Dwayne Johnson movie that is about to premier. We wanted to ride the train but always the wait was like for an hour or so. We just couldn’t get it timed right with the other stuff we did.

Glad I went. with the discussion about statues and monuments to the confederacy, I am afraid this might one day fall victim to that movement. I mean the mountain will always be there but what about the carving?

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