Grelle Recreation Area, Spicewood, Burnet, County, Texas

Entrance sign Grelle Rec Area

After returning from Georgia, I continued my quest to hike all the LCRA parks.

This one was not easy to find. It is located on back country roads a few miles off Texas State Route 71 in the Spicewood Area. Problem is there is no sign on Texas 71 telling you where to turn and the road is a bit hidden. Google maps saved the day again.

This is my first trip with my new Samsung S22 phone, which is supposed to have a superior camera, so we’ll see.

As you can see this is another Lower Colorado River Authority Park, a bigger one like McKinney Roughs. This one has more elevation as it is out in the better part of the hill country, and it encircles a very large cove where Little Cypress Creek enters Lake Travis, so there are some great water views. Grelle contains 276 acres and 7 miles of multi-use trails.

Little Cypress Creek heads for Lake Travis.

It’s Bluebonnet time in central Texas and this park had plenty. There were big patches in the bottoms along the creek.

and along the trail……

The trail ascends the hill on the Cottontail Loop. This park is frequented by mountain bikers so there are trails everywhere. I ended up bushwhacking for a while on a faint trail through the woods.

I almost didn’t come here because looking at the place on Google maps with the overlays it looked like it was just giant fields so, was I surprised when most of my day was spent in the woods!

bushwhacking through Grelle rec area

I finally got back on the main trail system and found the Mustang Ridge Trail. This trail rivals any other that I have found in the Hill Country. It had elevation gains, outstanding views and lots of rock ledges and of course rocks to walk on.

Mustang Ridge Trail

I got to the top of Mustang Ridge and was not disappointed by the views.

Heading up Mustang Ridge

At the end of the Mustang Ridge Trail there was a nice large grotto.

Grotto on the Mustang Ridge Trail.

I descended Mustang Ridge and headed back in on the Broken Spur Trail mostly because I liked the name. It turned out to be a very easy trail. It ended my 6-mile trek. I really enjoyed this park. There is a large primitive campground in the front country and the whole thing seems to be run by the park host. Check in was do it yourself even for day passes and I saw no other authority during my visit.

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