Urban Hiking, Mt. Lakeway and the Canyonlands, Rough Hollow, Lakeway, Travis County, Texas

Anyone who likes to hike really needs to download the REI Hiking Project App. That is where I found this great trail system that I otherwise had never seen on some of the more popular apps. Lakeway is one of the westernmost suburbs of Austin Texas, on the shores of Lake Travis. Within Lakeway is a very affluent community known as “The Hills”, and within “The Hills” is the trailhead of Mt Lakeway and the Canyonlands.

Mt Lakeway is only 1180 Feet but starting near the shore of the lake the elevation gain is 781 feet. The trail is not too exciting as you are ascending in the woods about ten yards off a utility right of way.

Mt Lakeway

I took Quincy with me on this adventure. Of course as usual he drove me a little nuts. Getting him to the top was about like getting a 13 year old teenager to climb. As the hill steepened the trail had several switchbacks. At every loop he wanted to go back down the hill not up!

Urban hiking has it’s drawbacks when it comes to views

It is about 2 miles by trail to the summit of Mt. Lakeway and when you get there you are greeted by…….. a high voltage electric wire tower. However the views out over Lakeway are pretty neat.

We started this hike under the water tower
The view west north west was the best but as you can see by the road construction not for long

We descended and hiked through the canyonlands which were quite nice.

small water fall in the canyonlands area
Looking down into the canyon
Creek that flows to Rough Hollow

Don’t know the name of the creek or even if it has one. Now about that dog. When I take Quincy hiking with me I take him something to eat… he won’t eat it he wants part of my energy bars, …..and a metal bowl so we can share water. He won’t drink from the bowl but when we get to a creek he is all in!

Quinn playing in the creek

I really don’t like that situation especially when urban hiking….. you never know what the water quality is like. But I guess as long as it isn’t stagnant that’s better. I Dunno but I can’t deny him water.

I adopted Quinn about two years ago. He was a stray found in Nashville Tennessee. I don’t know how long he was on the streets but he seems to have excellent survival instincts, so I think maybe for quite some time he was homeless.

But he is a PROBLEM in these matters.

Anyway next trip over we did the trail out to Rough Hollow on Lake Travis.

I like hiking in Lakeway. They have had the good sense not to pave their trails although they are still considered greenbelts which I find are usually paved. The Rough Hollow Trail is not for the casual walker. Although I know there are houses within a quarter mile mile in most places this is a somewhat rugged trail

Rough Hollow Trail
Rough Hollow
Rough Hollow
Rough Hollow Trail
Rough Hollow Trail
I think we are lost. Is this Italy? No it’s Lakeway

After about two and a half miles you come to the end at Lake Travis. They say there is a beach here for swimming but I ain’t swimming in the cesspool of Lake Travis. Nope!

Rough Hollow Inlet
Rough Hollow Inlet

Nothing to do now but turn around and go back. Not a fan of the out and back hike but sometimes you just gotta.

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