Inner Space Cavern, Georgetown, Williamson County Texas

Inner Space. Been by it a hundred times. It’s just nine miles away but I had never been there. So, when Michan was visiting we loaded up the three of us and the two older grandkids and we were off to Inner Space.

Inner Space has a bit of a history. Approximately 25 million years old, no one knew it existed until 1963. It was found by the Texas Department of Transportation when core drilling during the construction of Interstate 35. Today’s entrance was blasted out.

down we go

we did the adventure tour a 1 mile and 1.25 hr excursion through the cave. The cave was amazing although the walk was a bit slippery in places. We went down 70 feet underground. The temperature inside was 72 with 98% humidity but it was still pretty comfortable.

there is also another tour where you wear a headlight and crawl your way through some of the smaller passages of the cave. If I were a few years younger and not a bit claustrophobic that would be fun.

It is believed that up to 40,000 years ago the cave had a natural entrance that has since been filled in naturally by rocks and mud. This belief comes from the discovery of bones of several mammals from that time period such as the mammoth and saber tooth tigers.

The cave is full of stalactites and stalagmites. One formation known as the kissing formation shows two that have almost touched. Since a stalactite grows approximately the length of an ice cube each century these are not expected to touch for another fifty years.

Kissing formation

once a stalactite and stalagmite touch it becomes a column. Not much else to say but here are some pictures. I don’t have any of the bones as they were displayed behind a wire screen so I couldn’t get a good picture.

I find caves fascinating I should try to get to the many other caves around here.

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