Grapes and a Monadnock, Medoc Mountain State Park, Hollister North Carolina

There is always much discussion around Monadnocks. Is it or isn’t a Monadnock. They say the Sauratown Mountains are Monadnocks but I find they are just a few misplaced mountains, probably once a part of the Appalachians but now separated by erosion of the land between. Medoc Mountain is a true Monadnock. Situated to theContinue reading “Grapes and a Monadnock, Medoc Mountain State Park, Hollister North Carolina”

Harrison’s Landing, Yorktown, Jamestown, Williamsburg Virginia-Part 2

The next day we started out at Jamestown Settlement. Jamestown Settlement is a living history museum of Jamestown Colony since there is very little left of the original. We started through the museum with the Indian town of Paspahegh Town. Here we learn about the life of the Powhatans the natives first encountered by theContinue reading “Harrison’s Landing, Yorktown, Jamestown, Williamsburg Virginia-Part 2”

Harrison’s Landing, Yorktown, Jamestown and Williamsburg Virginia-2014

Getting back into Photobucket is sure bringing up a lot of stuff! This trip was from 2014. We started our trip at Harrison’s Landing and the Berkeley Plantation. This was the home of Declaration of Independence signer Benjamin Harrison. President William Henry Harrison was also born here. And Benjamin Harrison the President was the grandsonContinue reading “Harrison’s Landing, Yorktown, Jamestown and Williamsburg Virginia-2014”

My Go To Place- Raven Rock State Park-Lillington NC

All Hikers have that place where they go when they can’t really get away. Mine was Raven Rock. Only an hour or so from home, it was one place that I didn’t have to fight traffic to get to . Near Lillington NC, Raven Rock is located along the Cape Fear River. How much ofContinue reading “My Go To Place- Raven Rock State Park-Lillington NC”