Flatland Hiking-The Storyboard That Sucked Me In- Howell Woods and Bentonville, Four Oaks NC

Ah, the storyboards. They get me every time. This time I was at Howell Woods. I went to Howell Woods to hike. Howell Woods is an Environmental Leaning Center associated with Johnston County Community College. But it has hiking and is a 2800 acre property so I figured I could get a pretty good dayContinue reading “Flatland Hiking-The Storyboard That Sucked Me In- Howell Woods and Bentonville, Four Oaks NC”

Rock Castle Gorge, Meadows of Dan, Virginia

One of my favorite hikes when living back east was the Rockcastle Gorge along the Blue Ridge Parkway Between Mabry Mill and Meadows of Dan Virginia. I went there the first time alone. The second time my trusty hiking pal Nate went with me . This trail starts out at the Rocky Knob Recreation areaContinue reading “Rock Castle Gorge, Meadows of Dan, Virginia”

My most Unusual Hike…….Occoneechee Speedway, Hillsborough,NC

Yes a speedway. Occoneechee Speedway was a yearly stop on the NASCAR circuit from 1948 to1968. It was built by Bill France two years before the official start of NASCAR. When it closed it was preserved by the city of Hillsborough and today is a hiking and walking venue in the city. Besides the dirtContinue reading “My most Unusual Hike…….Occoneechee Speedway, Hillsborough,NC”

Doughton Park, Blue Ridge Parkway, Laurel Springs, NC

I don’t know why Nate remains my friend or is ready to hike anytime I say. He never asks where or how far, his answer is always “let’s go”. It’s great to have a friend like Nate and I miss that here in Texas. I have put that guy through hell and back not theContinue reading “Doughton Park, Blue Ridge Parkway, Laurel Springs, NC”

Stone Mountain State Park, Roaring Gap NC

Everyone has heard of Stone Mountain………the one in Georgia. Very few people know that there is also a Stone Mountain in North Carolina. Two differences in the two Stone Mountains… both favoring the NC one. First at 2305 ft Stone Mountain NC is taller. Second the NC one isn’t carved up with a picture ofContinue reading “Stone Mountain State Park, Roaring Gap NC”

Hanging Rock State Park, Danbury, NC

I hate to go backwards in time but as I look through older pictures I remember more stories. This is a good one. Charlotte had planned a trip to Texas to see the grandbabies. So my mind started working. I had been walking and hiking around the Raleigh area but decided it was time forContinue reading “Hanging Rock State Park, Danbury, NC”