Stone Mountain State Park, Roaring Gap NC

Everyone has heard of Stone Mountain………the one in Georgia. Very few people know that there is also a Stone Mountain in North Carolina. Two differences in the two Stone Mountains… both favoring the NC one. First at 2305 ft Stone Mountain NC is taller. Second the NC one isn’t carved up with a picture ofContinue reading “Stone Mountain State Park, Roaring Gap NC”

Hanging Rock State Park, Danbury, NC

I hate to go backwards in time but as I look through older pictures I remember more stories. This is a good one. Charlotte had planned a trip to Texas to see the grandbabies. So my mind started working. I had been walking and hiking around the Raleigh area but decided it was time forContinue reading “Hanging Rock State Park, Danbury, NC”

Return to Lick Mountain, Yates Place Campground, Troy, NC

The fall before I moved to Texas I returned to Lick Mountain. With me on this trip was my hiking friend Nate. I had told him of the Uwharries but this was his first trip. As before I struck out from Yates Place towards the junction of the Uwharrie National recreation Trail and the Dutchman’sContinue reading “Return to Lick Mountain, Yates Place Campground, Troy, NC”

Uwharrie National Forest-Yates Place Primitive Camp, Troy NC

On my next trip to the forest I hiked the northern loop of the Uwharrie /Dutchman’s Creek trail system. This shorter northern route creates an 8- mile loop with a 1- mile trek from Yates Place Camp to the northern trail junction. I parked at Yates Place and first headed north a couple miles toContinue reading “Uwharrie National Forest-Yates Place Primitive Camp, Troy NC”

Jumping Off Rock Trailhead, Uwharrie National Forest Ophir, NC

I returned to the Uwharrie next on a Friday. I started at the Jumping Off Rock Trailhead and headed south to Dark Mountain. After a walk of a little over a mile I met up with Budget who has been hiking the Uwharrie for a while as he trains for the Appalachian Trail. I hadContinue reading “Jumping Off Rock Trailhead, Uwharrie National Forest Ophir, NC”

Uwharrie National Forest Wood Run Trailhead Troy, North Carolina

On a Monday, I took the Uwharrie National Trail from the Wood Run Trail head on NC 27 just outside Troy N. C. A hint, if you plan on overnight camping the permits ($5 required) can be obtained at the ranger station in Troy. This is the southern terminus of the Uwharrie National Trail. What’sContinue reading “Uwharrie National Forest Wood Run Trailhead Troy, North Carolina”

Uwharrie National Forest- Birkhead Mountain Wilderness, Asheboro,NC

This is a true wilderness experience, and since overnight camping is allowed, there are several primitive campsites along the Birkhead Mountain Trail. Anchored by the 800-foot Brush Mountain, Cedar Rock Mountain (940ft) and Coolers Knob (940 ft.) this is an enjoyable escape where one can find a lot of deep forest and very few ifContinue reading “Uwharrie National Forest- Birkhead Mountain Wilderness, Asheboro,NC”

Morrow Mountain State Park Abelmarle NC

My introduction to the Uwharries          Although not the tallest peak of the Uwharrie at 935 feet, Morrow Mountain is the crown jewel of the area. It affords some of the best views and it contains a pre-historic Indian quarry where Rhyolite was obtained. This stone was used and widely traded forContinue reading “Morrow Mountain State Park Abelmarle NC”