It’s Wildflower Season!

Still sitting at home recovering from surgery, but at my two-week checkup the doctor did okay me to start back doing some light hiking but no strenuous up or down hills.

Since it is wildflower season I decide to load up the trusty little doggy Quincy and we are going to hit some of the paved trails around here and scout out some wildflowers.

Our first trip was to Gilleland Creek in Pflugerville. We hit a large bed of bluebonnets there. After watching some people doing photo ops with their dogs sitting in the Bluebonnets it was our turn.

Not going to happen.

Quincy is not a good subject as he refuses to sit in the flowers like everyone else’s dog will!

See how hard he is panting? That is because he was up to his usual bullshit of wanting to fight every dog we see. For a ten-pound dog he is very tough and a handful.

Next we took a little hike at Rabb Park on the Round Rock Brushy Creek East Trail. We found quite a few varieties of wild flowers here.

Large patch of bluebonnets

Next, we went to Old Settlers Park in Round Rock and we hit the motherlode!

Bluebonnets galore!
a sea of Blue Bonnets and Indian Paintbrushes
Mexican Poppy

In our area the dead-end streets of our neighborhood have been extended for a new development. Besides giving me a quicker, easier escape from our neighborhood,(depending on where I am going), the construction area gives us more walking distance about one and a half miles now as opposed to about eight tenths before. And there are a lot of wildflowers that have been graded to the side and are growing like weeds!

More firewheels
Mexican Hats

Now in Texas the word Texas is put in front of a lot of things especially wildflowers as though they don’t grow anywhere else. For example “Texas Lantana” is exactly the same as the lantana we had in our yard in Greenville North Carolina although that was known as “Patriot Star Lantana”. So, enter the lowly dandelion. I kept hearing of the “Texas Dandelion”, and I thought, Really? Turns out that there is such a thing, and it is totally different than most dandelions although those grow here also. So here it is…..

Texas Dandelion

I need to get out of the city and into the woods!

So, for my final look at wildflowers I decided to go to the very tame Miller Springs at Belton. Didn’t find as many flowers as I expected in it’s wide-open prairies but none the less got some good shots.

No idea what this one is but I found it quite pretty.
best Indian Paintbrush I have found this season
Rare White Primrose
Prairie Verbena

Back on the trail somewhat. I’m excited to get out there!

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