Muleshoe Bend Park, Spicewood, Travis County, Texas

Another LCRA Park on Lake Travis, this one was somewhat disappointing. It has lots of hiking about ten miles of it anchored by the 6.5-mile Great Escape Trail. I will say that this trail took you into the wilderness in a somewhat developed area, but it was just a mile burner.

Hill Country View

When you get the view above about fifty steps into a hike you certainly feel good and have high hopes for the day. Not here. That was about it. These trails are hike and bike trails and I did have to dodge a few groups of bikers. Now this is the most ridiculous sign on a trail….

I have never had a biker or runner yield to a hiker. They ride/run up on you and scream for you to get out of the way.

Anyway, the Great Escape Trail was a good one except no views. It was very diverse in elevation and trail surface as some parts were dirt, some parts were rocks and some parts just walking on limestone. I know that trails erode, especially on steep elevation changes but who thought that throwing down a bunch of rocks that look like large marbles was a good Idea! Especially on a slope.

my trail buddy for this trip Loggy Doggy.

I found a unique log pictured above that I lovingly named Loggy Doggy!

I passed by an area where the trees were thinning out but still no views. So, I decided to take the eight tenths of a mile Recharge Loop Trail up the hill to see what I could see. I did manufacture a quick view of the Hill Country from there.

same hill just closer

Now about this trail… I don’t know what brave souls are riding a bike on this thing. It was hard enough just to walk it!

The Recharge Trail

As I got to the furthest extent of the Great Escape Trail, I finally got a decent view.

Lake Travis

As you can see the lake is very low. On the drive to this park, I passed over the Pedernales River one of the main feeder streams of the Colorado and the lake and it was so low that the boat houses along the bank were a good 50 yards from the edge of the water and standing on dry ground. So sad. We need rain!

This trail was a real grind for the last two miles. You are already disappointed because you haven’t seen much except ash juniper (Cedar) and mesquite trees all day and then just to piss you off the last part of the trail is a steady climb over limestone ledges.

the rocky ending to a so-so trail.

Except for the trail length and diversity, I will have to say this is one of the least favorite of the Lake Travis Parks. I think I even liked Shaffer Bend better. (See previous post on Shaffer Bend). But in all fairness maybe if the lake was full, you would somehow see it. Anyway, after the hike I drove to the campgrounds on the lake to check it out, the lake that is.

Barely there

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