Brushy Creek Trail Round Rock Williamson County Texas

Williamson County has plans and is constructing a multi-use trail to eventually connect Cedar Park with Hutto, a total distance of 30 miles. Right now, there are several older sections that have yet to be connected. The Round Rock Brushy Creek Trail is one section about 2 miles long. Beginning at Joe Freeman Park the trail travels to the west to Kenny Fort Blvd. The next section to A.W. Grimes is expected to open soon. There is a major 2 mile gap between the Hairyman Road trailhead to Chisholm Crossing Park that is still only a proposed trail. Lots of private property to cross as you approach the city.

Now I would never go here to hike but I do take Quincy quite often to walk along this totally paved trail. It has lots of trees and lots of squirrels. He’s never going to catch one. I have watched him in the yard and although he is as fast as the squirrels, he can’t change direction as they do so it is hopeless for him although he has fun trying.

As you can see this heavily wooded section of the multi-use trail is well maintained. Unfortunately, it stays on top of the canyon walls through the city except one small place at Rabb Park.

Under the bridges though is a great surprise…….

They cross over the small canyons of the side streams that flow into the rather large Brushy Creek.

Not much else to post about this section.

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