Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta Georgia.

Olympic Rings at Centennial Olympic Park

In 1996 Atlanta Georgia hosted the Games of the XXVI Olympiad, or the 26th Summer Olympic Games. From this Atlanta gained Centennial Olympic Park. This large park covers 22 acres in Downtown Atlanta.

Centennial Olympic Park

The park was created from a group of vacant lots and run-down factory buildings that were demolished. During the Olympics it was the scene of all the sponsor displays and was a hotbed for pin trading. Pin Trading is known as the 29th sport of the Summer Olympics. It is a big deal as collectors across the world assemble to trade pins of countries, media groups, athletes etc.

On the edges of the park are the CNN world headquarters and the College Football Hall of Fame which we could not coax the women into.

College Football Hall of Fame

Unfortunately, CNN no longer gives tours of its headquarters since it was purchased by Warner Media.

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