The CCC Parks Lockhart State Park, Lockhart, Caldwell County, Texas.

Tiny little Lockhart State Park. It is more a golf course then anything else. But it does have a couple of short hiking trails. I would never drive here just for this but since it was on the way home from Palmetto State Park I figured I try to get in although I didn’t pre book a pass. Well it wasn’t crowded so it was a go.

Check dam #1

This is another CCC built park, Company 3803 built it between 1935 and 1938 although it didn’t open to the public until 1948. The main features left are the Check dams along Clear Fork Creek. The area had been used by the residents of Lockhart for years as a recreation site. To take advantage of CCC funding the city got the CCC to come and construct a usable state park including a swimming pool. Later the WPA came in and constructed the nine-hole golf course. It once contained the highest tee box in the state of Texas. The check dams were constructed to tame Clear Fork Creek and provide a superb fishing stream. Today bass, catfish, and sunfish can be pulled from the stream.

Check Dam #1
Remains of the old CCC Pool sit across the creek.

The CCC constructed a stream fed pool at the park.

Past the pool the trail follows Clear Fork Creek for about a mile. It was a pretty little creek, and the dams gave it a lot of character.

Clear Fork Creek
Check Dam #2
Check dam #3

I looped around to Comanche Point. Supposedly used by the Comanches as a lookout point over the area, it did afford a huge view. As I descended from the point, I found myself near the golf course. I followed the caddie trail back to the park headquarters.

View from Comanche Point.

This very small park would never be a destination but since I was in the area I figured I’d check it out.

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