Urban Hiking- Lake Pflugerville, Pflugerville, Travis County, Texas

Probably the most urban hike I have done is Lake Pflugerville. Lake Pflugerville is treeless, surrounded by neighborhoods on three sides and a major road on the other. It is fully paved with concrete in the park and crushed gravel elsewhere. has no scenery, but it is three miles around the lake, so Quinn and I headed out one foggy morning to check it out.

Lake Pflugerville is a 180-acre reservoir built in 2005-2006 for the sole purpose of providing water to the city. Its only water source is a 16-mile pipeline from the Colorado River.

Of course, when pronouncing this name just forget the “P”, it’s silent. So Flugerville is correct.

Lake Pflugerville

As you can see by the houses in the background this is a very urban place. I think when first built the Lake was not so urban but the city has grown up around it. Lake Pflugerville did boast a lot of wildlife for being so surrounded by homes. So much so …. it’s story time!……

Upon arriving at the lake and being unfamiliar with the place, I parked the car at the first lot I came to on the major road…. more of a large pull-off that had a couple other cars sitting there. I hitched Quinn up to his harness and leash and we started down the hill. The area was a little swampy and Quinn was sniffing something. He jumped and raised his head…. a large crawdad had hooked him on the upper lip. When I say large, I mean like almost lobster sized… the largest crawdad I have ever seen. How he shook it off without getting cut I do not know but he did.

We began the three-mile hike. The trail was crowded but there were so many cool waterfowl.

About halfway around we came to a small park with kayak rentals and a beach. There were also several picnic tables and a shelter.

Lake Pflugerville a once in a lifetime adventure. We checked it out and I’m good on it. Never to return.

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