Urban Hiking- Gilleland Creek Park, Pflugerville, Travis County, Texas

If you jump the back fence of our neighborhood, when you hit the ground you are in Travis County and the City of Pflugerville, Texas. Although the City of Pflugerville unwisely has paved their trails, they have some of the best in the area.

This trail runs right along Gilleland Creek. One way takes you to the waterfalls and Bohl’s Park, the other to fields of wildflowers in Pfluger Park, that bloom in the spring.

Gilleland Creek

Gilleland Creek is named for James Gilleland. Gilleland was a self taught Methodist lay minister who moved to Texas from Arkansas in 1828. Although he didn’t participate in the Texas Revolution Gilleland spent time in the Army of the Texas Republic in 1836 fighting Indians. He settled in Bastrop County where he was awarded a league of land for his service. He picked the area near where the headwaters of Gilleland Creek rise.

Gilleland Creek runs 27 miles to the Colorado River. It is spring fed so it is always running.

1st waterfall on the Gilleland Creek trail

In 1835 Gilleland formed the first non-Catholic (Methodist) congregation in Stephen Austin’s colony in defiance of Mexican law. He preached in an old store building using a barrel as his pulpit. Gilleland was fatally wounded in the Battle of Brushy Creek against the Comanches. He was buried on his land.

second waterfall on Gilleland Creek

Depending on the direction you take Gilleland Creek offers a pretty nice hike for me, and a dog walk for Quincy as he loves the place. At the waterfalls and a couple other places along the trail it is easy for him to get into the water. The spot pictured above is his favorite swimming hole. Going through the wildflower fields and back gets you about three miles. Going past the waterfalls and back about two and a half miles. It is close to the house so we go there often.

Below are the wildflowers of Pfluger Park.

There was a day that babysitting the grandkids fell to me. Of course, I would take them hiking and we went to Gilleland Creek. They enjoyed the waterfalls and the large playground at the park which we visited after our hike.

Not exciting, but close to home and scenic along the creek, so we go often.

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