Guadalupe River State Park, Bulverde, Comal County, Texas

Guadalupe River

The Guadalupe River is among the top ten most endangered rivers in the country. The land for the park was deeded to the state in 1974. The park contains a total of 1938 acres so it is on the smaller side. There is about four miles of river frontage in the park and I will say it had one of the most beautiful picnic areas I have ever seen anywhere. It is a terraced area above the gravel beach across from the steep canyon wall on the opposite bank.

But I ain’t here to picnic or swim but to hike. Of course I parked at the furthest point I could from the river and to the river and back is the hike!

I started my hike on the Painted Bunting Trail to the Live Oak Trail. It was pretty easy hiking. At about two miles I reached the river.

the gravel beach

Of course swimming and tubing are the big activities at this park. I hiked up the river a bit and found these beautiful Cypress Trees along the bank.

This is the Canoe and Kayak recovery area for those Kayaking

The trail became a road so I turned back and visited the canyon.

Canyon area at Guadalupe River

Then I headed downstream to visit the Rapids of the Guadalupe. This is one of the places marked on the map as a “must see” or area of interest.

Rapids of the Guadalupe
Rapids of the Guadalupe

Let’s say the rapids were a bit disappointing. I thought I might see a class two or three rapids but these would probably not classify as a class 1.

the beautiful picnic area

I returned to the car via the Barred Owl Trail which took me to the only overlook in the park.

Approaching the overlook at Guadalupe River
view from the overlook
View from the overlook

Again a bit disappointing because I figured I’d see a nice view of the river. Not a real exciting hike but another Texas State Park off the list. I will return because this is only half the park. Across the river is what is known as the Bauer Unit and much more hiking.

Guadalupe River

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