Finding Fall in Texas, the First Year, Wimberley, Hays County, Texas

We are used to the change of seasons being from the mid-west. Even throughout our 20 some years in North Carolina we saw the seasons change, in particular, the leaves. We had been in Texas only a couple of months and when asking about fall we were told, “Go to Wimberley”, there are leaves out there. So we loaded up the Grandbabies and headed for Wimberley, and the Devil’s Backbone, a ridge in the Texas Hill Country. Here we were told we could see some color. What a disappointment!

Color? hell there aren’t even any trees! The Devil’s Backbone

The Devil’s Backbone wasn’t even all that impressive as a ridge. But all is not lost as Wimberley was one of those towns that cater to touristy types as we were this day. Although not large it contains some nice shops and restaurants.

We ate here at the Wimberley Cafe which was very good. We explored around town some.

The most interesting thing of the day was the picnic area/viewing point for the Devil’s Backbone. It is surrounded by a chain link fence. On that fence people put memorials to their loved ones who have passed on. Why? I dunno.

Notice the crosses and other things attached to the fence?

we found this old gas station at Driftwood Texas, which I didn’t even know existed. It is a census designated place that actually has a post office. And unbelievably they have a notable citizen. Up and coming NASCAR driver Bayley Currey hails from Driftwood Texas!.

Well Wimberley is a nice town but it isn’t where we are going to find any fall. We’ll try again next year……….

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