Charlottesville Virginia 2008- Part 1

Yes 2008. I got a notification from Photobucket that I was inactive and they were going to lock my account. So I went in and sniffing around I found some photos of this great trip.


We started the trip at the Monticello: where else? My first impression…. I thought it would be bigger! But I guess for it’s time it was a grand home.

The Monticello

We took a guided tour of the house… no pictures allowed, and were then free to roam the grounds. an interesting fact about the house. See the weather vane on top? Jefferson didn’t have to go outside to know which way the wind was blowing because beneath the weather vane on the ceiling was this…….

Jefferson knew which way the winds were blowing by looking up at the ceiling.
The gardens at Monticello
The orchard at Monticello

Next we took a stroll down Mulberry Row past the kitchen for the property, the nail forge and the remains of the slave quarters. Many people don’t know this but Jefferson started a nail forge to help the property make money.

Mulberry Row
the Monticello kitchen

Mulberry Row ends at the family cemetery and the grave of Thomas Jefferson.

Jefferson’s Grave

After we finished up at Monticello we had lunch at Michie Tavern, Michie Tavern has been in operation since 1784. First opened in Earlysville Virginia it was later moved…building and all, to the vicinity of Monticello.

Michie Tavern

While we waited we were treated to a free tour of the upstairs of the tavern which in the past was a dancehall frequented by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe.

Spinning Wheel upstairs at Michie Tavern

The food here was really good. It was period food that might have been served any evening in 1784. All the people who served the buffet style meal were in period dress and you ate and drank from pewter dishes. Very cool!

The dining room at Michie Tavern

After lunch we headed for Ashlawn Highland the estate of James Monroe. Monroe and Jefferson were neighbors somewhat as it was just a few minutes by car between them.

Entrance to Ashlawn Highland
the driveway of Ashlawn-Highland

Monroe was not nearly as wealthy as Jefferson but he was doing alright. His place was more of a home then a farm.

The small white frame house was Monroe’s residence the two story part was added by a later owner.

The grounds here were beautiful and the outbuildings were well preserved.

Slavemaster’s quarters Ashlawn Highland
view from Ashlawn Highland
Ashlawn Highlands gardens
James Monroe Statue
the formal gardens at Ashlawn Highland

Next day we headed for Lynchburg Virginia to see Poplar Forest Jefferson’s country house. Yes many people don’t know that he had two homes. But as fate would have it….. that place was closed the one day of the week we were there.

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